About Us

Redwood Performance was established in 2016 following PhD research Ash Cox's recognition of the poor standard of intervention and support options left to academic institutions when addressing behavioural, academic and physical development.  

Ash's road to academia, that led to the acknowledgement in this lack of support, was not an easy one!  Ash joined the military at the young age of 16 after leaving a childhood fuelled by neglect and lack of structure. Ash went on to flourish in the military environment and quickly realised how routine, discipline and challenge can catalyse the road to success.

Once Ash had realised that in order to help disadvantaged youths in the same position he once was, he embarked on a road to establishing his academic credibility and developing his knowledge. Ash's passion for youth development through his portfolio of undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications, on which he has excelled, has led him to conducting doctoral studies within the field of youth development.